Immigration Throughout History

One of the many things we make a deliberate effort to showcase at the Crowley Museum is the historical significance of immigration throughout the world. Immigration has made the United States what it is today, and given the recent immigration law struggles, we try to draw attention to its history in order to garner a better understanding of how to implement the laws of the future.

One of the most well executed and efficent methods of immigration of today is the E2 visa program which is available to immigrant investors with the necessary capital.If you’re an foreigner that wishes to obtain citizenship for you and your family but don’t want to deal with the standard, long and arduous process of getting a green card, the E2 visa application might be right for you.

Ever since its inception, the E2 visa has provided a monumental opportunity for immigrants with sufficient equity to gain citizenship through a positive contribution to the US economy. Often times this contribution entails a minimum investment of $500,000 in an existing or new business in the USA. This investment will directly create at least 10 new jobs as well as significantly improve the company as a whole from financial standpoint.


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