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Jun 25

Whittier Trust

As the largest individually owned, multi-family wealth management office headquartered on the West Coast, Whittier Trust has offered an impressive range of financial services and expertise since 1935.  Maintaining that small, family-owned business feel, they further offer exceptional customer service and tailor their investment strategies to the unique needs of their individual clients.

Whittier Trust is entrusted to manage and consult on more than $8 billion in assets for families in more than thirty states, with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Reno and Seattle.  They employ over 100 wealth management professionals, possessing an average of 18 years experience; additionally, Whittier Trust has the lowest client-to-advisor ration in the industry, to ensure that their clients are undoubtedly in good hands.  Their services include a full array of fiduciary, family office, wealth management and philanthropic advisement and solutions.

Whittier Trust’s investment approach caters to each client’s unique circumstances and needs, instead of applying a generic mutual fund formula.  Working closely with their clients, Whittier Trust advisors create a custom Investment Policy Statement, contingent upon their client’s holdings, including concentrations, return objectives, risk tolerance, income requirements, and taxes.  They further offer expert services regarding asset allocation, and stock selections.

Whittier Trust offers a variety of high-quality fiduciary services including investment management for trusts and estates; independent and impartial service in carrying out terms of a document; record keeping and trust accounting; oversight of tax preparation and filing; reporting to/communicating with beneficiaries and interested parties; managing and coordinating unique trust assets; serving as a co-trustee or successor trustee; or serving as an agent for a trustee.

Finally, Whittier Trust provides philanthropic services and manages over $2.7 billion dollars for foundations, donor advised funds, not-for-profits, and endowments  As with their other financial services, they work closely with their clients and foundations, taking on any administrative burdens including consulting and advisement, as well as charitable investment management and investment consulting to ensure that their client’s goals are met and they can participate exactly as they see fit.


May 24

Sign Waving Mannequin


I was driving around North Hollywood a few days ago, and noticed a sign spinner.  Not too big of a deal right?  Well, it was when I looked closer!  She was a sign waving mannequin!  I dont know about you, but I’ve never seen this before.  I was really interested in what was going on, so I stopped and asked the owner of the store where he got it, how much it cost, etc.  I was shocked to find out these things go for less than a thousand bucks.  He pointed me to a couple of websites: Sign Dolls,, and Sign Waving Mannequin. If you hire a sign spinner full time, it would likely run between $2500-$3000/month.  I think the mannequin is a no brainer!

I was intrigued.  Have YOU ever seen a sign waving mannequin?  Let me know in the comments below.  And of course, let me know what you think about them?  Is the sign spinning job a job of the past?  I think so…  I always thought it was such a waste of a life to be standing there all day holding a sign.  Anyways, I guess we’ll find out more in the coming few years.

If this is truly to be the sign waving of the future, then we have a lot to look forward to!  I can just imagine the owners dressing the mannequins up in different costumes/outfits, and the overall vibe would definitely be a lot of fun!

Mar 08

Corporate Picnic Catering in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a corporate picnic catering company in Los Angeles, we have a treat for you! Let’s Have a Cart Party is Los Angeles’ premier corporate picnic caterer. Serving a wide variety of classic picnic foods such as hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, nachos, classic bbq, and MUCH more,your corporate or company picnic will be well taken care of! Rest assured all of their foods are top notch, and their head chef has over 40 years of experience!  So, next time your looking for a corporate picnic caterer in Los Angeles, don’t forget Kenny Baines and the folks over at “Let’s Have a Cart Party!”


Nov 11

Whittier Trust Company

Whittier Trust Company is the largest independently owned, multi-family office headquartered on the West Coast and has held a concentrated focus on the business of wealth management since 1935. Offering a multitude of financial services and expertise, Whittier Trust Company (WTC) is supported by an unwavering commitment to personal service that reflects their family roots. Working closely with their clients, WTC specializes in tailoring investment strategies that meet their clients’ unique needs, goals and values.

With more than $8 billion under management and advisement, Whittier Trust Company has a passion for safe guarding the financial legacy of their clients. Comprised of more than 100 wealth management professionals, with an average of 18 years of experience, they understand working with sophisticated, complicated plans, entities and assets. In addition, Whittier Trust Company offers one of the industry’s best client-to-advisor ratios of 20 to 1.

Backed by more than 75 years of experience serving high net worth families, Whittier Trust Company family office services can assist with any client investment management need, as well as fiduciary and philanthropic services. The company is focused on after-tax performance and holds an excellent investment track record.

One of the core practices of the Trust Company is investment management. Their approach is thoughtful, comprehensive and always includes consistency as a performance goal. WTC’s portfolio managers administer each client’s portfolio actively and separately, rather than applying a mutual fund formula. As a result, their clients benefit from a carefully balanced, diversified portfolio that reduces risk without sacrificing superior results.

The Company knows that a solid plan helps ensure that clients reach their ultimate destination. Their portfolio advisors develop an Investment Policy Statement that is unique to each client’s personal needs and circumstances. Within this plan, specific investment parameters can be set based on holdings, including concentrations, return objectives, risk tolerance, income requirements, and taxes, which includes both capital gain/loss and income.

The company believes asset allocation is the most important investment decision anyone can make. Using an Investment Policy Statement as a guide, Whittier Trust Company advisors can create a diversified portfolio by asset class, market style, capitalization and global mix. Their focus is on long-term investment goals to capitalize on market inefficiencies and trends, while maximizing after-tax performance.

Additionally, the Whittier Trust Company team of professionals invests in quality companies that have the ability to increase earnings and grow capital, but are trading at prices below their underlying business value. They apply fundamental research to stock selection and a disciplined approach to sell decisions. When appropriate, they also seek out alternative investment opportunities such as real estate, oil and gas, and venture capital opportunities.

Whatever your wealth management needs and goals may be, you can be certain that Whittier Trust Company will not only meet them, but will exceed them. Their commitment to excellent, combined with years of experience and family roots, makes WTC the investment and wealth management partner you can rely on, giving you the peace of mind you want and deserve.

Aug 09

Our Family Values

The Crowley Museum is a family friendly place.  From what I’ve heard, the place is filled with families looking to engage their kids in numerous learning activities.  Considering it is a history museum and nature center, there are certainly many places to take great pictures with your family. Once the pictures are taken, we highly recommend keeping them safe and secure through the new family social network, Family iBoard. Its a great product built to keep your family data private, safe and secure.  You can share your family’s pictures,. keepsakes, recipes, and much more, all while keeping up to date with whats happening with the rest of your family. Click here to visit their site and find out more.

Jun 29

Immigration Throughout History

One of the many things we make a deliberate effort to showcase at the Crowley Museum is the historical significance of immigration throughout the world. Immigration has made the United States what it is today, and given the recent immigration law struggles, we try to draw attention to its history in order to garner a better understanding of how to implement the laws of the future.

One of the most well executed and efficent methods of immigration of today is the E2 visa program which is available to immigrant investors with the necessary capital.If you’re an foreigner that wishes to obtain citizenship for you and your family but don’t want to deal with the standard, long and arduous process of getting a green card, the E2 visa application might be right for you.

Ever since its inception, the E2 visa has provided a monumental opportunity for immigrants with sufficient equity to gain citizenship through a positive contribution to the US economy. Often times this contribution entails a minimum investment of $500,000 in an existing or new business in the USA. This investment will directly create at least 10 new jobs as well as significantly improve the company as a whole from financial standpoint.


Jun 20

The Natural History of Recruiters

Throughout history, there have been many interesting business models, few of which as diverse and interesting as recruiters and headhunters.

Recruiters vary by specialization: There are healthcare recruiters, sales recruiters, IT and Engineering Recruiters, and of course many more, and there are recruiting agencies and headhunters that specialize in specific types of payment models to fulfill your recruiting needs.  Some examples of this include contingency based searches, where the business doesn’t pay until the agency sends them a candidate with which they fill the vacant position, and retained search, through which businesses receive an extra level of customer care by paying the recruiting agency upfront.

And then of course there are agencies who specialize based on locality–Such as New York City Recruiters, Houston Headhunters, Chicago Recruiters, etc. And then even further, there are those that specialize in location and specialization within a particular niche.  Some examples of those would be It Recrutiers in Chicago,