What Should Danny Do? Book Review


“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” -Tony Robbins.

What Should Danny Do? is a new childrens book written with the purpose of empowering children to understand that their decisions have the ability to shape their days and ultimately their lives into what they will become. Written by a former teacher and a writer, the book took over a year to produce as they worked with multiple editors and a child psychotherapist to insure the book was as good as it could be. They even worked with multiple illustrators before finding Mat Sadler. Sadler’s work speaks for itself, and will certainly put the book up for many illustration related awards in the coming year.

The husband and wife author pair also had their book read in schools to classrooms from preschool all the way up to second grade with amazing responses throughout.

There are varying levels of complexity to the book which lend it to be loved by all age groups. Younger kids usually like reading through 2-3 verisons of What Should Danny Do? per sitting, while the older kids try to get to all possible endings and learn from all of Danny’s “mistakes.”

The book is written in first person but the decisions are not. This is intentional so that the children mentally “disconnect” from the decision and feel free to make the “bad” choices. The point of the book is not to teach kids what is good and what is bad. 90% of kids will know the “right” choice to make. The point of the book is to see what happens if you make the wrong choice, and alternatively see what happens if you make the right choice. By seeing both alternatives, the children realize that they too have the ability to shape their own days and their own lives into what they will be.

“The need for this book is very real,” says Michael B. from Los Angeles. “Children today often times feel entitled and do not take responsibility for their actions in this ‘me now, always fast’ generation.  This book helps them realize that their choices and decisions are within their control, and it is often times their choices that got them to where they are.”

Whats interesting about the book is the fact that its the first of its kind. There were “choose your own” story books in the 70s and 80s that were popular, but this differs on two levels. First of all, it is a picture book meant for kids ages 2-8, while those books were meant to be read by tweens and teens. And second of all, What Should Danny Do? was written to teach some really important lessons, while the Choose your own story books were written as entertainment.

We highly suggest you check out the What Should Danny Do? book series if you have any children between the ages of two and eight (links to their facebook and website will be at the bottom of this post). Not only did we find the book both entertaining and educational, but everyone we spoke to did as well. There is no better way to teach children life’s most important lessons than through stories, and What Should Danny Do? does exactly that in a well thought out yet engaging and entertaining way.

To find out more, go to: What Should Danny Do?

Or visit them on Facebook: What Should Danny Do?

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Jun 29

Immigration Throughout History

One of the many things we make a deliberate effort to showcase at the Crowley Museum is the historical significance of immigration throughout the world. Immigration has made the United States what it is today, and given the recent immigration law struggles, we try to draw attention to its history in order to garner a better understanding of how to implement the laws of the future.

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Jun 20

The Natural History of Recruiters

Throughout history, there have been many interesting business models, few of which as diverse and interesting as recruiters and headhunters.

Recruiters vary by specialization: There are healthcare recruiters, sales recruiters, IT and Engineering Recruiters, and of course many more, and there are recruiting agencies and headhunters that specialize in specific types of payment models to fulfill your recruiting needs.  Some examples of this include contingency based searches, where the business doesn’t pay until the agency sends them a candidate with which they fill the vacant position, and retained search, through which businesses receive an extra level of customer care by paying the recruiting agency upfront.

And then of course there are agencies who specialize based on locality–Such as New York City Recruiters, Houston Headhunters, Chicago Recruiters, etc. And then even further, there are those that specialize in location and specialization within a particular niche.  Some examples of those would be It Recrutiers in Chicago,