The Natural History of Recruiters

Throughout history, there have been many interesting business models, few of which as diverse and interesting as recruiters and headhunters.

Recruiters vary by specialization: There are healthcare recruiters, sales recruiters, IT and Engineering Recruiters, and of course many more, and there are recruiting agencies and headhunters that specialize in specific types of payment models to fulfill your recruiting needs.  Some examples of this include contingency based searches, where the business doesn’t pay until the agency sends them a candidate with which they fill the vacant position, and retained search, through which businesses receive an extra level of customer care by paying the recruiting agency upfront.

And then of course there are agencies who specialize based on locality–Such as New York City Recruiters, Houston Headhunters, Chicago Recruiters, etc. And then even further, there are those that specialize in location and specialization within a particular niche.  Some examples of those would be It Recrutiers in Chicago,

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